mini cement plant in chhattisgarh

Cement manufacturing industry as a method and a huge production has gone through many stages of time feature. Shanghai SBM engineering manufacturers offer you complete consumer choice. We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter like mini cement plant, cement factory, Portland cement kiln plant. We can realize plant function less power and fuel consumption, resulting in more cost-effective cement manufacturing process.

In Chhattisgarh, State only 5% of population is rely of Industries. Chhattisgarh Is complete of pure resources and it a key trigger the development in Industrial discipline is Higer. State is quite reach in term of organic ore and row materails.In Chhattisgarh State there are lots of Central and Neighborhood Industries like Bhilai Steel Plant,Mine Cement Plant, N.T.P.C. ,Aluminium Plant and so on.

Mini cement plant

The mini cement plant mostly utilized in crushing and preheating of raw materials, and grinding and packaging of cement. And it is mainly applied to deal with industrial sound wastes like slag, coal ash, coal gangues, and so on. Consequently, it contributes wonderful on the surroundings safety field.

Our mini cement plant has the features of straightforward technological method, quick operation, reduced investment, electrical power saving, environmental friendliness, and so forth. And a variety of admixtures may also be employed in this plant.
Here in Shanghai SBM Co., Ltd, one-stop services is accessible, like engineering style and design, building, related products, assembly and debugging, technical services, and common contracting support. Moreover, we have effectively finished several appropriate engineering projects, just like the development of cement grinding plant with an annual output of 1-1.2 million tons, the developing of cement grinding plant with 0.5-0.six million tons’ annual output, the construction of 0.2-0.three million tons’ annual output cement plant, as well as the constructing of plant with 0.1 million tons’ yearly output.

In this mini cement grinding plant, clinker and slag are ground individually. PFG120-50 rolling machine and Φ3.2m×13m cement mill are utilized in clinker ginding. Φ3.2m×13m ginding machine and high-efficiency powder separator are used in slag grinding.
This plant functions are good quality, higher productivity and low consumption.