Ore Milling Equipment

Ore can be simply considered a class of mineral aggregates of rock material, according to the metal content is divided into: metal ore and non-metallic ore two categories. Modern technology is very developed, many useful materials are extracted from the ore through a reasonable process, is widely used in industrial, agricultural, construction and other areas close to the people’s livelihood, it is not difficult to infer: the current Ore processing is particularly important, the choice of equipment is also a matter of urgency.

China’s mineral resources are widely distributed, generally concentrated in the mountains of the area, the region’s rich mineral resources, purity is very high, easy mining and processing, the government’s support is also quite large, so many people joined the ore Processing of the ranks. Because the advantages of ore processing is very high, the input cost is very low, the return is fast, the benefits are numerous and so on the merits of the trust of the majority of investors, at the same time, the advantages of domestic ore also attract a large number of foreign customers, these ore exports to Many countries, not only can bring huge profits, but also to a large extent also raised the local economic level.

Processing of ore milling equipment

The rapid development of the ore industry has also contributed to the progress of other industries, more obvious is the ore processing equipment, for the processing of ore there are many kinds of technology, such as crushing process, milling process, metal ore can also be beneficiation process, The main content of this chapter, we elaborate on the ore milling process, for the ore grinding process, we are the name suggests is the choice of milling equipment, milling equipment, there are many: raymond mill, MTW European trapezium mill, vertical roller mill and SCM ultrafine mill, these four types of equipment is also more commonly used equipment, customer evaluation of these devices is quite high, look at them for a gradual introduction:

Raymond Mill: Raymond Mill is the equipment used in the milling equipment, its development speed is very fast, the process is also very advanced. Now the Raymond Mill and the early compared to the performance, structure and material have been improved to varying degrees, the first performance aspects. The equipment is running very stable, the production efficiency is very high, and the material of the powder situation customer satisfaction is also very high. In the construction: Raymond Mill after a reasonable design and scientific processing, the volume is more and more miniaturization, not only saves space and footprint, while its fuel consumption is also greatly reduced from a large To the extent of the equipment to achieve energy conservation. In the material: the newer Raymond Mill material is the use of world-class materials for processing and production.

Trapezium Mill: MTW European trapezium mill is a typical milling equipment, with the ore processing efforts to further expand the equipment has gradually moved toward the human line of sight. The early trapezium mill was designed to devise the ever-changing changes in air pressure. The device can effectively play its unique advantages in terms of production efficiency can also meet the actual needs of customers. As the market economy is further standardized, the price of the equipment is becoming more and more easily accepted, and the current price of the trapezium mill is constantly decreasing (the performance is continually improving), so the overall price of the equipment is now showing a downward trend.

Ultrafine Mill: As humans have higher requirements to the quality of powder granularity, the traditional milling equipment can not meet the actual standard of customers, while ultrafine mill successfully developed just to meet the stringent requirements of customers on the fineness of the. The particle size of the equipment is very fine, which is also due to its unique design. The filter screen of the material outlet of the equipment is made of nanometer technology and high-density material, and the diameter of each round hole and the distance between the round holes are highly consistent. Looking under the microscope, in a neat and orderly arrangement, this is the core of the fineness of the equipment. If you have strict requirements for the particle size of the ore, SBM SCM ultrafine, mill can meet your actual needs, and it is indeed a good choice.

Ore Milling Equipment Price

There is a certain degree of difference in the quotation. Ore milling equipment is a machine that grinds all kinds of ore into powder. Ore milling equipment is different from food mill, because of its special material selection, work performance in the price is higher than the edible mill, but the stone powder mine grinding price is very different, from tens of thousands to tens of thousands or even millions Of the mill equipment, the decision price differences are mainly reflected in three aspects: different types of equipment, different manufacturers, different geographical locations.

1, from the mill type analysis, industrial milling equipment is divided into Raymond Mill, high pressure rotary roller mill, vertical mill, trapezium mill, the European version of grinding, ultra-fine grinding, tricyclic speed grinding, coarse grinding, , Air mill and so on more than 10 kinds of different types of different types of mill in the material selection, the use of performance, manufacturing processes and other aspects of the larger differences, so the market price is not the same, the most common industrial milling several grinding mill in Europe , vertical roller mill prices higher.

2, the same kind of milling machine different models price difference is easier to understand, the greater the model, the more difficult manufacturing process, the more material materials, the more expensive natural prices, Moreover, large-scale Raymond Mill production than small Raymond production efficiency More than a few times as much as the increase in the sale price of a few million can be small, large milling equipment to up to one million yuan.