Portable Crusher Plant

Portable crusher plant is a mobile tire crusher, is a common type of crusher, the production capacity is moderate, affordable, strength “in the sand factory in the circle of powder”, to see the benefits of investment clients, from the production, structure, operation and application etc.

1, portable crusher plant production, parameters, etc. introduced

Portable crusher plant, namely tire mobile crusher, inlet size in 993x2000mm, allowing the feed size within 500mm, motor power is 6p 250Kw, the total weight of the body is 34T, single hour capacity in the range of 165-320t. As can be seen, the output of the equipment can basically meet the needs of a large number of investment users, and at the same time, the structure, advantages and other characteristics are prominent, so in the sand mill can be “strength” “ring powder” countless.

2, Advantages of mobile crusher

  • 1, the rotor structure design is reasonable, manufacturing materials selected high quality, guarantee the quality of equipment quality, and enhance product life value;
  • 2, automatic adjustment and operation device, reduce downtime, overhaul time, at the same time, simple operation, convenient maintenance, improve work safety factor 70%;
  • 3, keyless connection, high chromium hammer, high efficiency and high production, at the same time, parts wear less, work more stable;
  • 4, the product shape is good, cube, quality, no internal cracks, higher market value;
  • 5, low noise, less pollution, more energy saving, is a low carbon, environmental protection type crusher;
  • 6, high crushing cavity, multi-functional fragmentation, more flexible operation.

3, portable crusher plant in the case of gravel plant application

Portable crusher plant, the crushing equipment ideal as sand factory, confirmed the machine strength with the strength of gravel, sand processing, has important application value in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, water conservancy, railway, highway and other industrial sectors, the following is introduced:

marble -Road: after crushing marble, grain type, particle size, high quality, is a very good cornerstone of the highway raw materials, the market price is high, marble processing plant will create higher profits value.

limestone -Building: the lime sand, which is broken and manufactured by the mobile crusher, is a good raw material for machine-made sand. It is used in the city building manufacture with good quality and high use value, and is highly recognized by the users.

coal gangue – Railway: coal gangue by a series of crushing treatment, the aggregate, is well as a railway pavement cornerstone, to the domestic and international railway construction projects add a strong, high economic value.