portable rock crushers for rent

Urban construction industry gravel aggregate consumption continues to increase, so that crushing stone mining industry has good development situation. Customer requirements and improve on crushing equipment put forward higher requirements, the urgent need to deal with a large capacity, high crushing and screening efficiency, stable and reliable operation of the portable rock crushing equipment.

There are many kind of crusher, such as for coarse crushing jaw crusher, crushing set ultra-crushing cone crusher, sand making use of impact crusher. These areas are in the rock crushing equipment with a variety of advantages. With the rapid development of urban construction, building construction waste generated during the handling has become a major problem, can be used to crushing the rock, while the ore material will be construction waste crushing equipment processing resources become the next major development direction.

Shanghai SBM first to seize this opportunity, the successful launch of jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher as the host, from the formation of large-scale portable rock crushers. At present, portable rock crusher success for rent in river gravel, granite, basalt crushing and screening areas, limestone, iron ore, copper ore, and construction waste has been widely used, received by the market.

We rent portable rock crusher mainly by crushing plant, screening station and car tire factory crushing land disc formed large mobile crushing plant, it has good mobility, flexible, high crushing efficiency advantages, can be configured according to customer demand production in line with demand particle size of the device.