quartz crushing machine india

In recent years, the Indian economy is growing rapidly, but its equipment manufacturing industry is still lagging behind. Development of ceramic industry needs quartz sand sand making equipment still imported from overseas.

The rapid development of the ceramic industry in India, the demand for quartz sand has a great stimulus. Quartz sand is bound to be generated from the stones become sand process. sand making machine in this process is an irreplaceable role. Quartz sand in large part to promote the development of sand making machine.

Among the quartz sand processing equipment to Shanghai SBM quartz sand making machine production of the most widely used applications. Our company is specialized in the crushing and screening equipment for large-scale crusher, sand making machine equipment manufacturers, it is hard for quartz, wear-resistant properties of quartz boat, the introduction of foreign advanced sand learning technology, has developed a system PCL sand, VSI sand making machine, 5X sand making machine series of advanced technology, excellent quality quartz sand processing equipment.

In addition, 5X sand making machine as the latest generation of sand making machine equipment, which uses deep cavity has been optimized rotor design quartz after the material throughput increased by about 30%; with highly wear-resistant high-temperature materials, greatly improving the service life of equipment; modular hammer design, such as hammer wear, just replace the worn parts, can reduce the cost by 30%; diamond impact block, which can effectively avoid the impact of material after abrasion damage upright plate; hydraulic openings device can quickly and easily move the cover, inspection and maintenance is very convenient. 5X sand making machine has a high efficiency sand, long life equipment, and yield, good quality finished gravel, grain shape evenly.

Currently, 5X sand making machine has indisputably become the most favored customers of high purity quartz sand processing equipment, by fine quartz sand which has been successfully processed transfiguration quality industrial raw material, widely used in glass, ceramics, refractories, building materials, machinery, chemicals, electronics, rubber, paint, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace and other industrial sectors of production.