rare earth separation in china

In China, the rare earth market is a diversified market, it is not just a product, but 15 rare earth elements and yttrium, scandium and its various compounds from the purity of 46% to 99.9999% chloride single rare earth oxides and rare earth metal, have a variety of uses. When coupled with related compounds and mixtures, rare earth products are countless. First of all, from the original ore mining, we introduce method of rare earth separation and smelting process of rare earth.

At present, China and other countries of the world’s rare earth ore mined rare earth oxide content of only a few percent, and even some lower. In order to meet the production requirements of the separation, before separation by dressing, rare earth minerals and gangue minerals and other useful minerals apart to increase the content of rare earth oxides, rare earth rare earth concentrates been able to meet the requirements of metallurgy. Rare earth separation method commonly used, and often combined with re-election, magnetic beneficiation process consisting of various combinations.

Bayan Obo in Inner Mongolia mine rare earth deposits, is ankerite carbonatite deposits, associated rare earth minerals (except bastnaesite, monazite, there are several kinds of niobium, rare earth minerals) in the main component in iron ore. Iron ore mined in about 30%, about 5% of rare earth oxides.Benefication plant’s mission is to Fe2O3 increased from 33% to over 55%. It is the first in the ball mill grinding and classification, and then the election was a drum magnetic separator iron ore of 62 ~ 65% Fe2O3. Its flotation and magnetic separation tailings proceed to obtain more than 45% Fe2O3 containing secondary iron ore. REE enrichment in the flotation foam, grade of 10 to 15%. The enrichment can be used to elect shaker REO content of 30% crude concentrate. After processing equipment reprocessing, get over REO60% of rare earth concentrates.

From rare earth materials to finished products have to go through rare earth separation technology, the closer the final product, its technical content is also higher. So the development of rare earth separation products and high value-added products is the future hope Chinese rare earths.