raymond grinding mills

Raymond Mill is a flour mill from abroad. Currently, it is essential for China’s domestic powder equipment industry. It is suitable for all kinds of ore system equipment, coal preparation, such as limestone powder processing, raw material ore, coal and other materials.

Milling equipment includes Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, vertical milling machines and other species. Milling equipment is introduced into China in the 1870s and developed rapidly. At present, China has developed rapidly milling equipment, fineness getting smaller, more and more types.

Development history Raymond mill

In 1906, Loesche Raymond Mill produced the first generation system. The structure was erected in the center of the machine with a rotating spindle with plum frame with plum shelves hanging three or more roller rotation, rotation axis of rotation at a constant speed drive roller swings outward and driving under the centrifugal force in the barrel pressed against the wall of mosaic grinding ring. The mill at the time only applies to soft, low ash coal grindability good material.

Subsequently, in 1925, Loesche developed a grinding mill contrary to this principle, called the modified Raymond Mill. Later, the U.S. subsidiary Combustion Engineering’s Raymond and on this basis to develop a new generation of Raymond Mill, called VR mill.

Since May 31, 1995, with many years of development and improvement, Raymond Mill types and models are also more and more, because Raymond Mill stable performance, strong adaptability and high cost. It occupies a very important position in the milling equipment.

Features of raymond mill

  • Raymond Mill uses three-dimensional structure, small footprint, complete and strong, expect the finished powder independent self-contained production system from the block.
  • Refined powder fineness uniform, through screening rate of 99%, which is difficult to have other milling equipment.
  • Machine adopts airtight gearing and pulley gear box, transmission smooth, reliable operation.
  • Raymond Mill important parts are made of high quality steel, wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance materials, machine wear, reliable operation.
  • Electrical system with centralized control, milling workshop basic operations can be realized nobody, and easy maintenance.

Each mill manufacturers are also actively explore the latest production technology, increase scientific and technological innovation. Shanghai SBM is a professional crusher, mill, sand making machine and other mining machinery R & D and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, the production of milling machines have Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, ultrafine ring roller mill, ball mill, three-ring micro-grinding, medium speed trapezium mill and so on. Shanghai SBM Raymond mill adopts advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad, which is higher than the mill efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, low investment.