River stone powder India

River gravel is a natural stone, the main chemical ingredient is silica, followed by manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other elements of a small amount of iron oxide and trace and compounds, with compressive strength, wear resistant properties of natural stone , is an ideal green building materials.

With India’s economic development, large bridges, subway tunnels, highways, railways, bridges, cities continue to invest in the construction specifications. Which the product of artificial stone and artificial sand requirements are very high. The finished Liaoduo, grain shape, have a higher level with the requirements and standards. After the finished stone is a professional crusher and screening made ​​of artificial gravel aggregate, have a high resistance to compression, and good adhesion characteristics of cement. It is widely used in India, high-quality engineering, so that the crushing equipment to enter the era of rapid escalation.

River stone processing

River stone powder production process is generally used conveyor feeding system, medium crusher, fine crusher (sand making machine), screening and washing equipment portfolio of production equipment. This is the current mainstream river stone powder production technology. Because the general river gravel particle size is small, so the ordinary primary crushing jaw crusher such as 69 break to meet the requirements, and crushing crusher is recommended Shanghai SBM newest series sand making machine -VSI5X sand making machine .

High-efficiency production line configurations, will eventually be reflected on a single device between productivity and mutual mix and match results. This not only requires sand making machine manufacturers ensure product quality, but also have a mature and reliable production line supporting processes.

river stone crusher plant manufacturer

For small and medium sized stones factory, quarry, one economy river stone powder production line investment program must have the following characteristics: at least the most cost-effective investment in equipment cost, highest quality Aggregates best selling product, the configuration most stand-alone capacity suitable stone crushing equipment.

In the choice of river gravel material crushing equipment investment program, it is recommended to select a certain strength of the manufacturers, so the device configuration caused by poor stone crushing equipment, etc. can not give full play to waste.