Sand Gravel Conveyor for sale

Commonly known as the belt conveyor belt conveyor. In industrial production, the belt conveyor is the link connecting the various production facilities, to ensure the continuity and automation production. In the crushing industry, leather belt machine produced by our company are widely used for conveying bulk materials or items.

Now in the life of the belt conveyor is becoming more and more important, whether it is food processing, pharmaceutical production, or in the ore processing, metallurgy and processing industry. There are many types of belt conveyor, generally we are common belt conveyor, screw conveyor, mesh belt conveyor, roller conveyor, belt conveyor is an important transport equipment milling production line and sand production line.

The belt conveyor is the more important parts sand production line. It is reliable in operation, long working time, low energy consumption, high transport efficiency, route length of flexible, customizable, simple structure, convenient repair. The belt conveyor can be a little material can also be more points by feeding, can tunnel underneath the pile in the coal yard reclaimer material, but also put a pile of different materials are mixed. The material can be simply from the head of the conveyor discharge, can also pass through the plough type unloader or moving the unloader conveyor belt length direction at any point discharge. In addition, the length of the belt conveyor can be determined according to the production, no waste, but also can save the cost to a certain extent.

The material on the conveyor belt on the belt conveyor line, almost no relative movement, small running resistance, wear small cargo. Belt conveyor belt loss less long service life. It also can be matched with the production process of each process in the industrial enterprise requirements, the formation of the rhythmic flow transport line. A variety of industrial enterprises so that the belt conveyor is widely used in modern in.