SBM quartz grinding mill

Quartz is a hard, wear-resistant silicate ore, the main component of silica, the hardness of 7, widely used in glass, ceramics, foundry, metallurgical, abrasive and other industries, mostly through quartz grinding mill processed into powder for reuse.

With the development of our various industries, quartz sand increasingly important role played by demand for more and more. Quartz is the main raw material for the ceramic body, it can reduce the plasticity of ceramic pug, reduced drying shrinkage body and shorten the drying time, prevents body deformation.

These ceramic materials have to go through several processes can be present in various beautiful, environmental protection, delicate porcelain items, building decoration materials and so on. Grinding mill is a variety of industrial ceramic raw material crushing indispensable equipment in the processing technology. Grinding processing of this series of grinding mill devices are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, mineral products, chemical materials, mining and other fields within the. According to the grinding fineness and the material discharging material fineness, grinding mill can be divided into Raymond mill, high pressure suspension mill, ultrafine mill and so on.

Shanghai SBM developed various types of mill equipment can easily achieve the fineness of materials and production adjustment. quartz grinding mill our company adopts unique design. The upper part of the body of the host plum frame design pressure device 1500kg – 2000kg. Therefore, under the same power, the yield is improved. A full set of multi-stage quartz mill seal, ensuring environmental effects, is elected on the quartz processing enterprises currently.