SBM sand making machine

Sand making machine is the river gravel, granite, basalt, limestone, bluestone and other rock crushing crushing into compliance with various size of sand used in construction equipment. It is the main source of the current infrastructure construction, railway, water conservancy, highway with gravel aggregate.

Price of SBM sand making machine

Shanghai SBM years dedicated crusher, milling machines and other research and development production and sales. sand making machine is divided into PCL sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, VSI5X sand making machine three types.

Shanghai SBM VSI sand making machine is the main push sand making equipment. VSI sand making machine advanced design, using a variety of feeding patterns and principles combined with a variety of sand, or “rock stone” and “stone blacksmith” principle combined. It can not only crushed stone, sand, and gravel can be shaped. The sand making machine produced good quality sand, sandy uniform size, cubic, high strength, more consistent than natural sand building requirements, can enhance the quality of construction.

There are a lot of sand making equipment models. Depending on the model and price of different processing capabilities, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. VSI sand making machine relative to the traditional third-generation Sand, its sand is better, greater capacity, higher efficiency, the price is slightly higher than traditional sand making machine. VSI7611 type sand making machine processing capacity 120-180 tons per hour, are small and medium sand making machine, the price is relatively low number. VSI1140 type sand making machine, is a large sand and gravel production line, stone production line one of the most widely used, large capacity, high efficiency, good sand and gravel crushing system shaping effect. It produces high-quality highways, railways, construction and other industries with sand and gravel aggregate is very handy.

River gravel sand making machine

According to the quality of river gravel hard, has compressive strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance of natural features. Our technical staff through a series of related studies on river gravel through effective processing, production of the product out of the rubble, as the ideal building material of choice. River gravel sand making equipment thus become a new investment point of building materials in the field current.

VSI sand making machine is an integral part of river gravel processing equipment. To ensure the long-term conduct of construction, the choice of high-quality sand making equipment industry, investors get the nod. Our company launched a unique and efficient river gravel sand making machine rotor structure and perfect rock stone crushing process, produced by the mechanism of high quality sand, grain shape, and is widely used in artificial sand and stone shaping fields.

River gravel sand making machine produce the mechanism of sand advantage in building construction is worse than natural sand, and widely distributed sources. Crusher equipment production, we also conducted a broken machine parts processing and customized to provide customers with suitable equipment needed wearable accessories.