Second Hand Raymond Mill For Sale

Raymond Mill in the role of industrial milling must also be clear that a new Raymond mill price is relatively high, many small powder manufacturing companies will choose to buy second-hand equipment, then second-hand The market a lot of Raymond Mill equipment, how to choose to better? This article by the professional Raymond Mill manufacturers SBM to give you a wealth of knowledge and look at it.

  • 1, wear parts wear parts. Check the wear of the wearing parts of the second-hand Raymond Mill, wearing parts, including: roller, grinding ring, blade and other parts of the wear and tear is not serious, whether the need to replace the new accessories.
  • 2, check the appearance and pipeline. Check the appearance of there is no obvious rust, paint phenomenon, and then check the pipeline there is no leakage and leakage of the place, there is no damage to the place.
  • 3, start trial run. When buying must start the test run, listen to the sound of the equipment is normal, see the fan there is no abnormal vibration, it is best to try to process their own materials, look at the grinding situation.

Raymond Mill manufacturers for the purchase of second-hand Raymond Mill customers recommendations:

Now the second-hand market on the Raymond Mill, in fact, the price did not reduce too much, customers in the purchase of friends must be careful:

  • 1, the best choice for the local trading market to buy, because if the election from the then the freight is also very high, it is not worth it;
  • 2, choose to buy second-hand Raymond Mill, equipment, after-sales service is not guaranteed, because the transfer of enterprises is the use of equipment manufacturers, do not know how to maintain equipment, so need to find professional Raymond mill manufacturers for maintenance;
  • 3, part of the price of second-hand Raymond Mill is not cheap, wearing parts after the purchase may be replaced soon after the need to replace the high-quality wearing parts of the price is relatively high, this way, the price and the purchase of new Raymond Mill prices are almost the same;
  • 4, many customers reflect the second-hand equipment to buy back, not here is the problem there is a problem, each time the high cost of maintenance, so determined to choose a new equipment.

Buy second-hand Raymond Mill need to pay attention to what issues? How to choose second-hand milling equipment? Now we all know it, buy second-hand equipment, although the price is low, but the freight, maintenance costs, wearing parts replacement costs add up some of the customers bought a friend said, might as well buy a new device, SBM as a professional Raymond mill manufacturers, here to remind the majority of customers friends, in the choice of such a large equipment, we must carefully consider, must not be a moment of cheap choice of trouble.