Silver ore crushing and screening

Crushing and screening operation plays an important role in the silver ore processing plant. This is not only because of its energy consumption accounts for more than half of the total energy consumption of the mineral is silver ore processing plant focus on energy saving, and its product quality directly affects the subsequent sorting index.

Crushing and screening operations consisting of silver ore crushing segments. The sum of all silver ore crushing paragraph (sometimes including washing and other operations) constitute crushing and screening processes. Commonly used silver ore crushing and screening process, there were two open process, two closed-circuit the process, three sections of open processes, and three sections closed processes. When the silver ore harder, requiring large crushing ratio, three-stage crushing process. With the supporting the grinding process is often used for some crushing.

Specifically silver ore crushing and screening process is as follows:

Silver ore from the mine after the coarse crushing trucked into the plant and the chemical composition of the sample analysis. Silver ore through the jaw crusher to make the first crushing, if not meet the requirements of size, can use thin broken (cone crusher), cone crusher can be silver ore particle size 0 ~ 25mm, and then transported to the yard through the belt , homogenized using a vibrating screening. Shanghai SBM according to your size requirements, design appropriate for your crushing segments.

Screening equipment used for 300 ~ 400mm size available to mine heavy vibrating screen, heavy circular vibrating screen or biaxial vibrating screen. For 100 ~ 150mm size of the ore available round vibrating screen. Resonance sieve, sieve and probability thickness screen used for screening coal or coke. The maximum feed size less than 30mm, product size is 0.5mm or more free linear vibrating screen. Our company will according to the crushing fineness with different vibrating screening, design appropriate for your silver ore crushing and screening production lines. Welcome your advice!