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China’s gold resources are abundant, widely distributed, many gold smelting methods. These include conventional extraction methods and new technologies. Improved extraction methods, and promote the development of China’s gold industry. At present, China’s gold output ranks fifth in the world, becoming one of the production hardware power. Some of the gold extraction plant technology also reached the world advanced level. Generally speaking, the world’s gold extraction plant methods of physical and chemical methods divided into two categories.

small scale gold extraction plant

small scale gold extraction plant:Raw materials – crushing – screening – Grinding – Classification – re-election – Flotation – Filtration – Concentration – Drying.

crushing and grinding processes: crushing process to use more jaw crusher for primary crushing, using standard cone crusher for secondary crushing, and finely crushing with short head type cone crusher and roller crusher. Medium and small gold extraction plant mostly a closed two-stage crushing, small scale gold extraction plant uses a closed three-stage crushing process. To improve the yield and equipment utilization factor, concentrator generally follow the principle of more crushing and less grinding to reduce the particle size of ore into the mill.

Screening and grinding, grading process: first section of ore after breaking into the double-layer vibration sieve. The upper and middle products through re crushed products together second stage crushing. Second stage crushing product return and merge first stage crushing product and screening. The final product through the first period after the screening of ball mill for grinding and classification mechanism composed of closed-circuit grinding, the graded overflow into the second section of ball mill by the cyclone after grinding, and then the composition and cyclone closed-circuit grinding.

Re-election and classification process: cyclone overflow first priority flotation foam products, for the two selection, three times of cleaning eventually become concentrate products. The tailings preferential flotation after one roughing, once selected, two selection, three selection, one scavenging of the beneficiation process. A selection of tailings and one scavenging of foam products entering the cyclone was re classification, re-election don’t. Two selection and a selected form a closed separation. Three selection and two selection form a closed separation.

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