small scale gold ore processing plant

Gold processing technology upgrading from gold ore by crushing equipment to upgrade the technology. In recent years, the domestic gold ore crusher technology has a few years ago has been a qualitative breakthrough, a large number of independent innovation of ore crusher model emerging market.

In the domestic gold ore crushing and processing efforts at the same time, Chinese small-scale gold processing enterprises to take the initiative to seek development opportunities, carry out overseas gold processing cooperation pattern is formed. Domestic gold have a foundation experience in the use of the domestic gold market, with the crushing application machinery and equipment is the inevitable with the international gold mining development, obtain the bigger development space. China’s small-scale gold mining accounts for over 90% of all mines, many countries called small mines.

Gold ore processing production line refers to the complex process of certain gold ore processing and equipment, will be extracted some elements of gold mining gold ore in. These were extracted from gold concentrate powder used for smelting and industrial base.

Gold processing firstly used the jaw crusher for primary crushing, using a standard cone crusher crushing for medium crushing, using short head cone crusher and roller crusher for fine crushing. The two section a closed-circuit crushing is used mostly in small scale gold. Large gold use three sections of a closed-circuit crushing process. In order to improve the utilization factor of production and equipment, mineral processing plant usually follow more crushing and less grinding principle, reduce the particle size of ore into the mill.

As the small gold ore processing essential equipment, jaw crusher plays important role in gold mineral resources development and utilization in the. At the same time, jaw crusher and other equipment not only need to meet certain requirements on the yield, the production of stone quality also need to meet the needs of national application.