Small-scale Rock Crushing Equipment

Rock crusher is designed to be used will be reduced into small chunks of rock rock, gravel or rock dust machine. Rock mill production and gravel mining ore to be processed, and the filler material to beautify and erosion control. They are available with the original rock or other materials, such as recycled concrete used together. Rock crusher, can move the machine, and can also be fixed device.

Type of small-scale rock crusher

Jaw Crusher: Jaw crusher surface rock in the two protrusions (jaw) conical funnel formation in extrusion. In most of the design, a jaw is fixed, while the other jaw is at about 3 times per second rate of swing. Raw materials from the top into the jaw crusher, jaw opening at the bottom is larger than the rock will be stuck in the middle of the jaws two metal plates, rock slices until the kinetic energy swing jaw hit the fixed jaw produces continuous extrusion stuck they are crushed to become can pass through an opening at the bottom piece.

Cone Crusher: Cone crusher is similar in operation cycle of crusher, crushing chamber and steepness is less, the smash district between parallel with more. Cone crusher with an improper rotation, covered with a wear resistant layer axial compression of rock to be crushed, and closed concave type crusher bucket, is covered with a groove manganese do or bowl type lining. When the top rock into a cone crusher, will be fixed extrusion between the cover layer and the bowl liner or groove. Pieces of rock crushing once, and then down to the lower position again crushed. This process continues until the pieces are small enough to mill through the bottom of a small mouth.

Rock crusher for limestone

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Our country is very rich in limestone reserves. Rich, full range and fine texture, combined with limestone exploration easier, you can use with the exploration by mining, can meet a variety of use It is understood that the limestone into cement with limestone, glass and limestone, limestone building stone, made ​​of gray limestone, finishes with limestone, calcium carbide with limestone, soda limestone, limestone flux and limestone and other fertilizers.

Limestone is the main raw material for the manufacture of cement, and the clayey raw material, silica raw materials, iron complexes, calcined into cement clinker.

Limestone ore utilization status: it needs to have PE jaw crusher put large stones crushing processing, through the cone crusher and other equipment for further processing, and then according to different industries and different purposes, and then carry on deep processing. Limestone preparation process for crushing method: broken or crushed limestone crusher equipment, white stone and will contain more than 90% of CaCO3 or other high-pressure Raymond mill through grinding, classification, separation, while the system was finished.