stationary and movable jaw crusher with lower die

Jaw crusher appeared in 1858. Although it is a kind of ancient crushing equipment, but because it has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, easy manufacture, convenient repair, so still in the Department of metallurgical and mining, building materials, chemical industry and railway and other widely used. In metal mines, it probably used to hard or hard ores are coarse crushing and crushed.

Jaw crusher is composed of a movable jaw and static jaw two jaw plate crusher crushing chamber, it is the two jaw movement simulation animal and complete material crushing operation. Maximum compressive strength of the material crushed for 320Mpa. Jaw crusher according to the different way of swinging movable jaw plate, can be divided into simple swing type jaw crusher (simple pendulum jaw crusher), complex swing type jaw crusher (jaw crusher) and integrated swing type jaw crusher.

The structure of jaw crusher is mainly a frame, an eccentric shaft, a big belt wheel, a flywheel, a movable jaw, a side guard plate, plate, plate back elbow elbow, gap adjusting screw, a reset spring, a fixed jaw and a movable jaw board etc.. Fixed jaw and a movable jaw plate crushing cavity. They are lined with a broken tooth plate made of high manganese steel, bolts are respectively fixed on the movable jaw and the fixed jaw plate, wherein the toggle plate also plays the role of insurance. The jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, convenient repair and use, stable performance, low operation cost, high crushing ratio etc..

Jaw crusher work part of the machine is two jaw plates: one is the stationary jaw plate (stationary jaw), vertical (or upper slightly decumbent) stationary in the body on the front wall, the other is movable jaw plate (jaw), tilting position, the formation of the crushing cavity small large and stationary jaw plate (work cavity). The movable jaw plate to the stationary jaw plate to do reciprocating motion, periodic sometimes separately, sometimes close to. When separate, the material into the crushing chamber, finished unloading from the lower; when approached, the installed between the two jaw plate material by extrusion, bending and fracturing and fragmentation.

Shanghai SBM jaw crusher with high strength steel, a casting molding, has the advantages of abrasion resistance, compression, long service life etc..