stationary jaw crushers for sale

Jaw crusher as mining crusher main equipment engineering, over the years are often used as the first section of the mine crushing. From the stationary jaw and the other side of the movable jaw is pushed obliquely, repeated operation of the crushed ore.

But for a long time as the beginning of the crushed pieces, too many crushing relatively hard material makes the jaw crusher easy to wear. In order to solve short life, often maintenance repair, failure rate and other issues. Shanghai introduced a new SBM PEW jaw crusher is the result of years of research and analysis based on the traditional jaw crusher and efficient production of wear-resistant and easy maintenance of the new jaw crusher.

Our company as a domestic professional R & D and crushing equipment manufacturers, over the years, has a wealth of experience, research and development of products of different models, are sold around the world, achieved good results. Among them, stationary jaw crushers is one kind of equipment in the. It adopts the world high-end top materials. The movable jaw is made of high quality steel constitute its service life is far greater than the traditional jaw crusher; debugging device unique makes the device more easily adjust repair, safety, fast is a major characteristic of the equipment.

Stationary jaw crusher is usually used in crushing production line level, it has a large output, high efficiency, stable performance, easy maintenance, etc., are widely used in many gravel aggregate production line for the national infrastructure building provides ample raw materials. We produce jaw crusher in the long process of development and constantly improve technology, improve performance, as the country’s infrastructure has made important contributions. Meanwhile, in order to follow the development of society, the stationary jaw crusher in addition to inheriting the traditional strengths, but also toward large, intelligent, energy-saving environmentally friendly direction, making the jaw crusher to meet the higher demands of people.