used belt conveyor for sand and gravel

With the rapid economic and social development, urban and rural infrastructure has aroused great attention of governments at all levels to fully understand the absolutely inseparable from economic to develop infrastructure as an important raw material of sand and gravel is both traditional and practical bulk materials.

With advances in technology, artificial sand completely replace traditional river sand, mountain sand have become an important raw material engineering materials. Due to a sharp increase in the amount of sand and gravel, was to promote the rapid development of quarrying, sand making industry.

In the sand and gravel production line, will involve a lot of different equipment, such as crushers, screening equipment, sand making equipment, sand washing equipment, conveyor belts, etc. Among them, the battle belt conveyor is indispensable auxiliary equipment, sand and gravel production line connecting various devices context.

Effect of belt conveyor in the sand and gravel field in the production line is very important. It will make the material of sand production line through the vibrating feeder is transmitted to the jaw crusher. After the rough crushing, belt conveyor continue to transport materials to the next screening, sand, sand washing and other production processes. Belt Conveyor low power consumption, due to the material and the conveyor belt is almost no relative movement, not only the running resistance, but also for cargo wear and crushing are small, high production efficiency, these are conducive to lower production costs. Fixed belt conveyor is more commonly used sand and gravel production line equipment.

Belt Conveyor is designed with great flexibility, based on actual production needs, custom appropriate line length as short as a few meters, length up to 10km or more. According to process requirements, performance is very flexible belt conveyor from one or more points by the material, but also may apply to multi-point or a few sections discharge. When simultaneously at several points to the feeding belt conveyor or along any point on the length direction feeding equipment through the uniform feed to the conveyor, belt conveyor has become one of the main trunk line on the belt conveyor can be expected in the coal depot heap reclaiming roadway below, when needed, but also the different materials mixed.

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