used concrete batching plant for sale

Concrete batching plant is used to joint device for mixing concrete, also known as the concrete prefabricated field. Because of its high mechanization, automation, so productivity is very high, and can guarantee the quality of concrete and save the cement, commonly used in concrete engineering of large quantity, long construction period, large and medium-sized site concentration, water conservancy, electricity, bridge engineering.

With the rapid development of national construction, using mixing, concrete mixing station to provide goods has great superiority, thus obtained the rapid development, and sent for the promotion of the realization of the construction of concrete pump, mixing, transporting and pouring to create conditions for mechanical joint operation.

Used concrete batching plant is a very good market prospects, the current development is also very rapid. Concrete batching plant use in today’s construction industry is more and more widely, the working principle of concrete mixer different is not the same, divided into self falling type and forced type two kinds, different styles have different effects.

  • 1. Self falling type concrete batching plant: There are some stirring blade thin mixing cylinder inside of this kind of batching on plant. Once the power supply is switched on, the mixing cylinder will continue to turn back and forth, adding, building materials and so on, will be brought to a certain height, then due to its own gravity will fall down, so back and forth several times, will be stirred evenly. The batching plant is generally for mobility concrete.
  • 2. Forced type concrete batching plant: It is used for mixing blade speed is not particularly fast, not afraid of wear and energy consumption is not so big, the speed of development is faster. Mixing blade of this batching plant is installed in the mixing arm, stir barrel of building materials. The stirring blade back and forth agitation, will form a very large flow power. This mixing is the main way to deal with dry concrete.

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