used grinding mill dealer

Grinding mill is widely used in metallurgical processing, building materials, chemicals, mining minerals in areas such material. According to the fineness of the material and the material of the grinding materials fineness, milling machines can be divided into vertical pendulum mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, high pressure micro powder mill, straight centrifugal mill, Super pressure trapezium mill powder, ring medium speed mill six kinds of mill type.

calcium carbonate for grinding mill

Heavy calcium carbonate referred to as TSP. Heavy calcium is the use of chemical milling machine grinding quality limestone, processed into white powder, the main ingredient is calcium carbonate. GCC chemical composition is very stable, with high whiteness, good purity, hue soft characteristics. As a filler used in the chemical industry, can serve to increase the volume and improve product performance, reduce the role of the production costs, so it is widely used in rubber, paper, plastic coatings, textiles, toothpaste and other chemical industries.

In heavy calcium powder processing flow, mill played an important role in determining the quality of the finished product key equipment. Here I have to introduce you to my company’s new chemical raw materials mill.

used grinding mill dealer

Our chemical milling machine at a lower cost, excellent customer 80-425 mesh powder meet production needs. 325 The purpose of heavy calcium carbonate can be used for paper, dry mortar, artificial marble, animal feed industries. 400 purpose can be used for rubber, plastic, floor tiles industries. It uses a European-class milling technology and design, our professional engineers through continuous technological innovation and upgrading, manufactured by high wear-resistant alloy material together, is the latest type of milling machine. After optimization, it is more reasonable and compact structure, installation, operation, maintenance are extremely convenient. According to the production needs of customers can quickly fineness of adjustment for white, the product of high purity. It’s taken a curved duct, effectively preventing the blocking material phenomenon. It also has a high efficiency powder election, fine classifier accuracy.

Today, the domestic manufacturers of many chemical milling machine, customers should keep their eyes open, choose a professional manufacturer of high selection efficiency, low-cost, long-life products. Shanghai SBM to provide you with the most professional products and attentive service. Our chemical milling machines at reasonable prices, high overall performance, please contact us and let us bring you huge benefits.