vertical roller mill China

Milling technology needs are constantly increasing. Modern milling production is also more and more to keep up with production demands, which makes the milling equipment to increase production capacity requirements. Therefore, the new milling equipment to meet strong industrial demand, vertical roller mill is representative of the new milling equipment.

Vertical roller mill for solving modern industrial mill production is low, high energy consumption of the existing problems, and actively introduce advanced technology to upgrade Europe, combined with the characteristics of our mill design and manufacturing philosophy and industrial demand, after years of the introduction of upgraded large modern grinding equipment.

The new milling equipment representative vertical roller mill as a modern industrial production equipment that favorite new milling equipment. The equipment is mainly performance: it uses a rational scientific and reliable vertical roller mill design, but with the international advanced process, set drying, grinding, separator, improve integration, particularly in the relatively large area of ​​major types of grinding process, its existence can fully meet the needs of customers, from the device body, the use of technology, and other aspects of economic indicators have reached the international advanced level.

LM series vertical roller mill is widely used in Shanghai SBM on the basis of advanced technology, combined with years of experience in a variety of mill production, design and development of advanced grinding equipment. It is a set of crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveyor milling industry in one of the ideal equipment.

what is vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill is mainly used in the construction industry cement raw materials, cement clinker, slag and cinder industrial applications grinding processing. Its use is low cost, simple structure, so deep industry praise. For vertical roller mill, its structure device mainly has the following major equipment components: the body between the body and the disc device, disc device and transmission device, the rotation center to determine, in the bottom of the rail rotary disc device fixed setting, the disc device rotary motion device is supported by the body above the rails by rotation, disc drive device and transmission connection. Since the transmission does not bear axial load weight and high pressure grinding disc, so the transmission gear may be generic, then you can make the configuration is compact, reliable construction work on the big show, you can shorten the time to stop grinding equipment use and maintenance costs are greatly reduced and thus, no doubt this is a result of the vast number of manufacturers willing to see.

vertical roller mill in cement industry

vertical roller mill is widely used in cement production line. New modern cement production line, coal, raw material grinding using vertical roller mill accounted for more than 90%. So in modern cement plants, vertical milling machine has become an important plant process equipment, which is its series of excellent features of the decision. Some are purely mechanical technology, the other part is the process of nature.

vertical roller mill stone roller is inspired by the invention. Modern vertical milling machine was developed from 1906 onwards, it has been continually improved over the past century, experienced a roller by centrifugal force to put pressure on the spring-loaded, and now pressurized with hydraulic pneumatic spring system. By grinding the material is from the soft coal to medium hardness cement raw materials to brittle cement clinker and slag.

Although the vertical roller mill in cement grinding application effect is obvious, but it does not mean vertical roller mill has all the advantages of other types of mills, it does not mean it can completely replace the ball mill and other special equipment. vertical roller mill is suitable for use, depends on how the actual situation is like, and then choose.