wet ball mills for garnet powder

Garnet is relatively hard mineral because of bright color hardness is often used as a gemstone, and because of its high hardness were also processed into powder used as abrasives such as garnet sand is a good grinding material, is also a commonly used instead of silica sand blasting processing. With the high pressure water after mixing, garnet is used for cutting steel and other materials in water jet cutting. All of these applications, we must first crusher and mill processing can be carried out only after.

Shanghai SBM according to the different grade of garnet, chemical composition design of different processing methods and the corresponding different milling equipment. Milling machine used is the wet ball mills. The flour mill processing 3-4 tons per hour.

wet ball mills for garnet powder

To utilize the kind ball mill, the material to get ground is loaded in to the Neoprene barrel that includes grinding media. Since the barrel rotates, the material is crushed involving the personal pieces of grinding media that combine and crush the product into fine powder over a time period of quite a few hrs. Certainly, the longer the ball mill runs, the smaller sized the powder is going to be. Ultimate particle size depends entirely on how hard the ground material is, and the way extended the kind ball mill runs. Our ball mill have been getting used to grind garnet powder.

This machine is primarily made use of for garnet powder; it’s crucial gear for pellet method in iron and steel sector. It’s utilized for handling resources which the moisture is 8-13%, and it could possibly make materials entirely mixing and refinement, increase the surface of materials pellet, lessen the recruitment of betonies correctly, shorten the pellet manufacture craft, increase the raw ball strength, increase the pellet quality and metal recovery, lower energy consumption, strengthen the functioning conditions and environmental safety.

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